School of Generative AI and Law

In November and December 2023, ODIPI, together with the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana and the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics, is organising the School of “Generative AI and Law”, which will take place at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana, starting on 16 November 2023 in the Red Lecture Hall of the UL Faculty of Law. You are invited!

Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI) raises deep, challenging and novel legal and societal questions. The School, which is honoured by the support of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Nataša Pirc Musar, will present the main ethical dilemmas that these powerful and advanced technological tools pose for humanity, individuals, states and various organisations. Lectures and panel discussions will focus on legal challenges in the areas of criminal law, human rights, personal data and copyright.

The school was formed on the initiative of Dr Maja Bogataj Jančič and mag Dušan Omerčevič, with the goal of bringing together to bring together in the lecture the audience of people studying at different faculties or coming from different disciplines. We invite you to join us and deepen your knowledge and understanding in this interesting but challenging field!

We provide scholarships to cover the full registration fee for students who apply by 13 November 2023. Students of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Ljubljana will be given priority in the awarding of scholarships. There are also various discounts available for participants from NGOs and companies who register by the above date.

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