Rok Pučnik

Rok Pučnik, a lawyer, joined ODIPI in September 2023.

His professional career includes working at Nlaw, where he focused on corporate law, in particular on the purchase and sale of companies and due diligence. At the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Rok contributed to the drafting of laws and reports related to legal recognition of gender and anti-racism policies. He is also the author of several academic articles, including “A Leap into German Classical Philosophy through the Spinozism Controversy” and “Legal Wikipedia – Democratising Knowledge”, which reflect his expertise and commitment to legal studies. During his studies, he worked as an assistant editor for Prof. Dr. Matjaž Ambrož and Prof. Dr. Damjan Korošc on research work in the field of criminal law and on the Great Scientific Commentary on the Special Part of the Criminal Code.